Teen in Loudoun County School Sexual Assault Convicted

Teen in Loudoun County School Sexual Assault Convicted

A juvenile court has convicted the teenager accused of sexually assaulting Scott Smith’s daughter on two counts of forcible sodomy.

There’s no word yet on if the media will help rehabilitate Smith’s image after he became indignant when the (LCPS) superintendent dismissed his claims.

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Nevertheless, the fallout from the June 22 LCPS school board meeting continues. Although it first led to Smith’s arrest and an “unprecedented” attempt by Loudoun County’s top prosecutor to charge him, the tables have turned. Now, the family plans to sue the school district.

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Meanwhile, some Loudoun County students are planning school walkouts at their high schools.

Per the Washington Examiner:

The assault against Smith’s daughter was reported on May 28, and the school told Smith they would handle it internally. He got police involved, but on Oct. 6 the same boy who was convicted of the May assault was charged with another assault at a different high school. The Smiths are suing the school district.

“The Smith family stands stronger than ever in moving forward to ensure that those responsible in the Loudoun County School system are held accountable, so that this may never happen again to anyone else’s child,” Stanley said.

The juvenile court judge found enough evidence to convict the boy who violated Smith’s daughter on all counts. However, his sentencing will be withheld until he’s tried for another assault at a different school.

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