The Best Charities to Donate to This Christmas

The Best Charities to Donate to This Christmas

The holiday season is a season of giving – and TONS of year-end fundraising asks for every imaginable .

If making a difference matters, then knowing where your donations do the most good is absolutely critical.

Not all charities are equal. To donate wisely, we must find causes worthy of support – and make sure we are giving to respected organizations with meaningful programs that have a tangible impact on the lives of those who need our help.

Finding the right causes and charities is a tall order. Fortunately, we’re here to help – with a list of nonprofits that embody the virtues found in every patriot.

Here are four of the best charities to donate to this season:


When his brother shipped off to Iraq, Ryan Housley recognized the need for personalized gift boxes for our troops. The standard care packages Ryan’s brother and other soldiers received were welcomed but didn’t always meet their needs.

Almost none of us know what it’s like to fight for our country. We can’t imagine the challenges service members face every day. Yet, for nearly 250 years, a small percentage of citizens have answered the call to see our republic through its darkest hours. To honor their sacrifice, HeroBox lets you send customizable packages to individual heroes. Their mission is simple: give America’s heroes the moral and physical support they need; all thanks to the most powerful resource our country has — its people.


The National Center for Police Defense is steadfastly committed to supporting the police. Led by law enforcement leaders, NCPD understands that police officers have answered a higher calling. While Democrats ignore the current crime wave, NCPD knows it takes police officers who are allowed to do their job as only they can — without fear — to keep the bad guys away.

NCPD cares for police officers at their most vulnerable. Whether that is by funding the legal defense of an officer who is the victim of political prosecution or providing support and resources to a retired officer after a career-ending injury, NCPD will be there. With far-left loons encouraged to share their hatred of police, it’s essential those who protect and serve know NCPD is there.

Cancer Recovery Action Network

Chances are, we love someone who’s been touched by cancer. As friends and family, we want to help but don’t always know what to do. Thankfully, some fantastic organizations have revealed much about this cruel disease. Their work has left a lasting impression by giving us more time with our loved ones.

The Cancer Recovery Action Network wants to accelerate these breakthroughs by supporting new cancer treatment, research, and survivors’ needs. Donations from people like you make this possible.


SoliderStrong helps our veterans overcome the challenges they face after leaving the military. For too long, too many veterans privately struggled with challenges most civilians aren’t equipped to understand. But with SoldierStrong, you can let them know they are never alone.

SoliderStrong initially worked with business and civic organizations to provide soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan with items to ease their everyday routine. In short order, SoldierStrong received national recognition for its good deeds from Congress and the White House. To this day, SoldierStrong continues to grow while remaining true to its mission — providing patriots with the resources they need (from cutting-edge medical care to educational opportunities) so they can overcome any obstacle.

While every charity is unique, donations to any one of these will play an integral part in giving back to those in need this Christmas. Isn’t that what the holidays are all about?

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