Vax Rates, Cases, Deaths by County

Vax Rates, Cases, Deaths by County

We’ve been saying this for a while now but it’s clear that the vaccines are NOT our way out of this pandemic. As Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford tweeted:

Now that October is over we ran the regressions again:

So I took:

  • All U.S. counties with over 500K in population
  • Avergae vax rates for the total population, 12+ yrs up, 18+ yrs up, and 65+ yrs
  • COVID-19 Cases/100K
  • COVID-19 Deaths/100K
  • July through October ‘21

Results .07 was best Spearman r2. There’s no relation frankly.

Here are the charts.

  • Deaths on the top row
  • Cases on the bottom row
  • Total, 12+, 18+, & 65+ average vax rates
  • Size of the dot = population size of the county.

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