White House Slams Americans as ‘High Class’ for Noticing Rising Prices

White House Slams Americans as ‘High Class’ for Noticing Rising Prices

Heating bills this winter are set to be as much as 54% higher than last year, the price of gas is more than 42% higher than last year, and the cost of groceries is nearly unsustainable for all hardworking American families. It’s obvious to everybody that the Democrats’ reckless tax-and-spend policies are pushing higher and higher.

But according to White House Chief of Staff , sky-high inflation that’s forcing middle-class and low-income families to make difficult budgetary decisions is simply a “high class,” champagne problem.

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Democrats could not be more out of touch with American families and workers who bear the brunt of their reckless economic policies. (RELATED: Controversial Bailout Tucked Away in $3.5 Trillion Budget)

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Katharine Cooksey: “The prices of everyday goods like gas, groceries and heat are at the highest levels in decades, but Ron Klain and his Democrat pals don’t care. The callous endorsement that inflation is only a ‘high class problem’ further proves the Democrats’ focus on destroying the American Dream, not helping families, workers and job creators succeed.”

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