Michael Avenatti Sentenced to Four Years in Prison

Michael Avenatti Sentenced to Four Years in Prison

District Judge Jesse Furman has sentenced disgraced attorney to four years in prison.

Furman chastised Avenatti for stealing from his former client, ex-adult film star . Furman called Avenatti’s conduct against Daniels “brazen and egregious.”

Avenatti was convicted of defrauding Daniels in February after stealing $300,000 from Daniels’ $800,000 book advance, all while representing her in lawsuits against President Trump.

Avenatti faced up to 20 years for one count of wire fraud and a mandatory two-year sentence for identity theft.

But his legal troubles don’t end there, as CNN explains:

Avenatti is currently serving a 30-month prison sentence for attempting to extort over $20 million from Nike by threatening to go public with damaging information unless they paid him. He goes on trial next month in California on charges alleging that he embezzled $10 million in settlement funds from at least five clients. He has also been charged with tax fraud and bankruptcy fraud and pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Part of Thursday’s sentence will be served alongside the Nike sentence, but Furman said Avenatti will have to serve an additional two and a half years after he completes the Nike sentence.

Avenatti was also ordered to pay $148,750 to Daniels and $297,900 to the US.

Furman told Avenatti: “I hope you put your formidable talents to better use.”

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