Report: Republican Congressional Candidate Nearly Run Over in Attack

Report: Republican Congressional Candidate Nearly Run Over in Attack

Police have questioned a suspect who threatened a Republican candidate for U.S. Congress with their 3,000-pound vehicle.

The incident happened Tuesday evening in the Southern city of Faribault, in a residential neighborhood where Republican had begun door knocking.

Faribault Police confirmed Wednesday they had identified Carnahan’s alleged attacker. Authorities have not made the suspect’s name public, but they are reportedly a white male aged 18-20.

Faribault Police Chief John Sherwin called the frightening encounter “unacceptable.” (RELATED: Gunshot Fired at Republican Attorney General’s Office)

Fox News has more on Carnahan’s immediate reaction and the ongoing investigation:

“Today’s events remind me how important it is we take our nation back from the radical left, as well as restore the rule of law in Minnesota and across the nation,” Carnahan said in a statement following Tuesday’s incident. “The unfortunate events of today will not deter me from continuing to fight for the people of southern Minnesota and to put America First.”

Faribault officers were dispatched at approximately 5:25 p.m. Tuesday to a complaint of a threat.

Carnahan told officers that she was going door to door to campaign for Congress when she was approached in the 1000 block of 1st Street SE by an individual who made several threatening comments to her, according to the police department’s initial press release about the incident.

Describing what happened in a statement shared to her Facebook page, Carnahan said she was door knocking in the city of Faribault when “something very scary happened to me,” describing how “shaking in rage,” a young man “swore at me and threatened me – telling me my life was not safe on the streets.”

Carnahan’s statement ended with praise for law enforcement, “I sincerely thank the men and women of the Faribault Police Department and 911 call centers for responding immediately, helping me through a very scary encounter and all our law enforcement officers do to keep us safe.” 

Carnahan served as the chair of the Minnesota Republican Party for three terms, from 2017 to 2021. Her late husband, Jim Hagedorn, served in the U.S. Congress, representing Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District from 2019 until his death from kidney cancer earlier this year. (RELATED: Republican Congressman Dead at 59)

After the tragedy, Carnahan declared her candidacy for the First District’s special election. The primary is scheduled for May 24, followed by a special election on Aug. 9.

The Cook Political Report lists the 1st District’s Partisan Voting Index (PVI) as R+8, meaning Carnahan will likely be the district’s next representative should she win the primary.

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