San Francisco’s Soft-on-Crime DA Voted Out in Historic Recall

San Francisco’s Soft-on-Crime DA Voted Out in Historic Recall

America’s bluest city has sacked its soft-on- district attorney amid rising crime and increasing outrage from locals.

With more than half of the vote tallied, 60% of voters have chosen to recall District Attorney — an insurmountable margin.

And just like that, the progressive prosecutor movement lost a leading member of its coalition.

Boudin, the son of Weather Underground terrorists, faced widespread criticism after instituting a slew of far-left policies. (RELATED: Leftist Extremists Threaten to Burn Down Supreme Court and Kill Justices – Biden DHS Spins Wildly)

During Boudin’s two-and-a-half years in office, the city has witnessed a dramatic increase in violent crime.

The New York Post has more on the voters’ frustration:

Boudin’s loss followed February’s recalls of three San Francisco school members amid outrage over their decision to spend time renaming one-third of the city’s schools instead of reopening classrooms closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mayor London Breed — who in December announced a crackdown in which cops would be “less tolerant of all the bulls–t that has destroyed our city” — will name Boudin’s replacement until a special election is held in November.

Last year’s crime stats showed that San Francisco was more dangerous than 98% of American cities. (RELATED: Biden Signs Executive Order on Policing, Attacks Republicans)

Compton, , known for its infamous gang wars, is considered twice as safe.

Besides the Bay Area recall, seven states held primary elections last night: California, Iowa, Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota, New Jersey and Mississippi.

Underscoring the most significant takeaway from the results, Politico noted that Democrats appear to have a turnout problem in California:

…California is not an insignificant state for Democrats. It’s a bastion of progressivism that has bent over backwards to enact policies making it easier for people to vote. For Democrats already confronting a bleak midterm election landscape nationally, any sign of apathy there is reason for concern.

California-based Doug Herman, who was a lead mail strategist for Barack Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns, said it “portends turnout trouble for the fall if the primary [turnout] is this low.”

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