Tucker Carlson Fires Back at Claims He Inspired Mass Shooter

Tucker Carlson Fires Back at Claims He Inspired Mass Shooter

’ top-rated host has responded to critics who accused him of inspiring the deranged gunman responsible for the deaths of 10 people in Buffalo, .

The horrific shooting occurred at a grocery store on Saturday. The man behind the trigger described himself in rambling online manifestos as a “moderate left authoritarian.” However, ’s critics blamed him, in part, for the massacre for supposedly fanning the flames of racial intolerance.

Not one to sit idly by, Tucker responded to their attacks last night:

RedState further reports:

Carlson notes the way in which Democrats rushed to execute a coordinated campaign to assign culpability for the Buffalo massacre to everyone from Donald Trump to Elise Stefanik. And shock of all shocks, the solution is to act on the left’s prior demands by limiting speech and cracking down on social media companies. New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is shown in a clip proclaiming that you “can’t shout fire in a crowded theater” and that “hate speech” isn’t protected under the law. Both those claims are false, but even if they weren’t, think about who gets to define what “hate speech” is, and then you’ll understand the left’s end game.

Later in his monologue, Carlson moved on to Joe Biden. As RedState reported on Sunday, the president is headed to Buffalo, scheduling a trip almost immediately. That’s in sharp contrast to the litany of nonsensical excuses the White House gave for why he couldn’t visit Waukesha, WI, after a black supremacist killed six people, including a child, and injured 60+ others. Yes, it appears Biden is choosing what mass killings to respond to based on politics, but that’s hardly surprising given the vicious, vindictive partisanship that animates him.

Instead of seeking to help Americans as they continue to be harmed by his policies and a variety of other factors, Biden is doubling down on division, proclaiming the GOP an “existential threat to the nation’s democracy.” That led Carlson to his main point, which is that the dangerous racialization of our politics that “erases people” and “dehumanizes them” incites violence in the process. There is no free lunch, and when one side constantly proclaims the other side evil, specifically dividing people along racial lines, it should be expected that unstable individuals may respond in evil ways.

Carlson ends by noting that the only way out of this and back to some semblance of sanity is to choose to de-escalate. That comes from treating people as human beings regardless of their race or ethnicity. It also comes from ceasing to use inherent traits as a wedge to gain political power. Unfortunately, our leaders have no desire to stop jamming their fingers into the wound.

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