Bidens Evacuated, Jets Scrambled Over Mistaken Aircraft Near President’s Beach House

Bidens Evacuated, Jets Scrambled Over Mistaken Aircraft Near President’s Beach House

President and his wife Jill were rushed by their detail to a secure location at a local firehouse in Rehoboth Beach, on Saturday when a private plane entered the secure airspace over their holiday home.

Two military jets were also quickly scrambled to respond to the potential threat.

It appears the plane flew over the Biden home by mistake, and there was “no threat to the president or his family,” but an investigation is still ongoing.

While the Secret Service and military responded quickly and effectively, they now publicized their security protocols and a primary secure location for threats to Biden’s beach house.

The Daily Mail reports that:

Biden was spotted in the back of his car Saturday as his presidential motorcade raced down the street and away from the holiday home.

The assembly of vehicles was seen driving straight into the Rehoboth fire station at 12.45 pm before security services swept the area clear of bystanders.

Biden left again at 1.29 pm after staying in his car with his wife inside the compound the whole time.

The Mail added:

As is standard practice for presidential trips outside Washington, the Federal Aviation Administration published flight restrictions earlier this week before Biden’s beach town visit. 

The restrictions include a 10-mile radius no-fly zone contained within a 30-mile restricted zone. 

Federal regulations require pilots to check for flight restrictions along their route before taking off. Still, accidental airspace breaches, particularly around temporary restricted zones, are common.

When this occurs, as was the case in this situation, intercepted planes are normally diverted to a nearby airfield where aircrews are interviewed by law enforcement. Depending on the severity of the transgression, pilots could face potential criminal or civil penalties. 

According to the Secret Service, the plane’s captain was not using proper radio channels and did not follow a previously issued notice to airmen (NOTAM) or published flight guidance.

The local firehouse was the designated secure location for the president and his family in this area. The problem is, now everyone knows it. ALD

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