ICE to Release 600,000 Illegals Into US – Texas May Send Some to Delaware

ICE to Release 600,000 Illegals Into US – Texas May Send Some to Delaware

President Joe Biden’s disastrous border policies just keep getting worse. Now his own Homeland Security officials admit they are preparing to release upwards of 600,000 illegal aliens into the United States due to the expected “historic border surge” caused by Biden’s latest move.

Biden recently announced his decision to end , a pandemic-era policy that enables quick expulsions. That policy will now expire in May.

The Epoch Times (ET) reports that Deane Dougherty, a coordinator for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which is part of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), said due to this decision officials expect a “historic border surge, with projections forecasted to triple current arrivals.”

Dougherty added that due to these projections and the recently announced decision to end Title 42, “ICE must shift its focus and prepare to manage its resources for a population of up to 600,000 by the end of the fiscal year,” which ends on Sept. 30.

ICE can hold illegal immigrants until their court hearings but has increasingly been forced to release them through the ‘Alternative to Detention’ program, which lets the illegal aliens free inside the United States with just a notice to appear in court.

However, this increasingly massive number of illegal aliens inside the U.S. will be almost impossible to track. As the Epoch Times reports, Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, said that:

The number is so huge it’s hard to understand how they could possibly manage the flow without being so overwhelmed that it causes them to almost have to give up on actually identifying people and making any effort to keep track of them.

ICE already has a backlog of cases exceeding 3.6 million from Fiscal Year 2021. This likely includes hundreds of thousands of convicted criminals. ET reports that:

An ICE Office of Inspector General report found that “ICE is almost certainly not deporting all the noncitizens who could be deported and will likely not be able to keep up with growing numbers of deportable noncitizens.” The agency has failed to locate over 400,000 convicted criminal illegal aliens.

Vaughan also told The Epoch Times:

There doesn’t seem to be any sense of concern for what the effects of the new arrivals are in the communities where they’re going to be settling. There’s no concern about the cost. There’s no concern about their ability to identify these people or their ability to keep track of them and make sure that they show up for their immigration proceedings, and that they know where they are in case they have to remove them.

Meanwhile, Texas Gov. , a Republican, told Fox News on Monday that his state, which is facing the brunt of Biden’s failed border policies, may send illegal aliens picked up along the Texas-Mexico border to Delaware, Biden’s home state.

Abbott has already authorized sending seven buses with illegal migrants from Texas to D.C. but said that “If we run out of room there, Delaware looks like a great location.”

“This busing process is going to continue. I want you and the audience to know exactly why we’re doing what we’re doing,” Abbott said. “The , they were dropping off illegal immigrants just [into] small towns on the border … we’re not going to allow that to happen.”

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