Parishioners Hog-Tie California Church Shooter

Parishioners Hog-Tie California Church Shooter

On Sunday, a man opened fire at a luncheon following mass at a Geneva Presbyterian Church, killing one parishioner and wounding five.

First responders from across Orange County swarmed the scene. When police officers arrived, they were surprised to see that members of the Taiwanese congregation had already intervened.

Churchgoers displayed “exceptional bravery and heroism” by wresting away control of his two handguns and hog-tying him with an extension cord.

The Daily Wire reports:

Four of the shooting victims were in critical condition.

Police did not disclose a motive for the shooting, which came just one day after an 18-year-old suspect killed 10 and wounded three in what is believed to have been a racially- motivated attack at a Buffalo, N.Y., market.

All of the victims in the attack were adults, and the oldest of those killed was 92, according to authorities.

Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes told reporters roughly 40 people were inside the church during the shooting. He did not provide any details about the suspect’s identity. The Los Angeles Times, quoting a law enforcement source, said the suspect is believed to be a 68-year-old Asian man from Las Vegas.

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