Returning Our Deported Veterans, Israel’s Covert War Against Iran

Returning Our Deported Veterans, Israel’s Covert War Against Iran

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INTEL FAILURE – How US intel officials missed that the Russian military was ‘hollow force.’ The Russian force the US military and intelligence agencies believed to be a near-peer adversary hasn’t shown up.


Miami police want to buy Floridians’ guns — and send them to Ukraine. Miami police are seeking to get weapons off the streets — and into the hands of Ukrainian soldiers fighting .

THEY SERVED – THEY BELONG – ‘I’m an American’: Efforts to bring back deported veterans are underway. President Joe Biden has pledged to bring back non-citizen veterans who have been unjustly deported. There are also legislative actions in the pipeline that could protect veterans from deportation.


GUAM – THE NEXT PEARL HARBOR – Why this tiny island in the Pacific may be ground zero in a war with China. If China’s leaders thought a war with the United States was inevitable, they would be tempted to strike first.

LONG OVERDUE – Congress wants to double rare earth mineral fund to free defense supply chain from China. Congress seeks to more than double the net worth of the national strategic mineral stockpile to lessen the defense industrial base’s reliance on adversaries such as China for supplies needed to build everything from bullets to nuclear weapons to night vision goggles.

DIGITAL DICTATORSHIP – China’s surveillance state is growing bigger and more Invasive. These documents reveal how. A Times investigation analyzing over 100,000 government bidding documents found that China’s ambition to collect digital and biological data from its citizens is more expansive and invasive than previously known.


LEVERAGING US – Kremlin press secretary says Geneva Conventions would not apply to two Americans feared captured in Ukraine. Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov said Monday that the Geneva Conventions — a series of agreements on, among other things, international standards for the treatment of people captured during war — would not apply to the two Americans believed to have been captured by Russian or pro-Russian forces in in recent weeks. He also added that the possibility of the death penalty was not off the table.

Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 118. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said the eastern cities of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk are seeing the “most difficult” fighting. Luhansk Governor Serhiy Haidai said Lysychansk was shelled non-stop on Monday and Russian forces have entered the industrial part of Severodonetsk. Zelenskyy claimed Russia is planning a renewed attack on Kharkiv after Moscow withdrew its forces from the city and region in mid-May.

DEFENDING THE GREAT WHITE NORTH – Canada plans billions in military spending to counter Russia threat in Arctic. The move would deliver on a promise to the U.S. to modernize Ottawa’s capabilities to help defend North America.


COVERT WAR HEATING UP – Israel expands operations against Iranian nuclear, military assets. The new moves are the latest evolution of a strategy by Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett who aims to bring Israel’s battle against Iran onto Iranian territory after years of targeting Iranian agents and Tehran’s proxies outside the country in places like Syria.

IRANIAN PROVOCATION – US, Iranian military vessels have near miss in Persian Gulf. Three fast-attack craft belonging to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps came within 50 yards of the USS Sirocco and the USNS Choctaw County, officials said.


SPUTNIK MOMENT? – S Korea’s second space rocket launch successfully puts satellites in orbit. South Korea’s second test launch of its domestically produced Nuri rocket successfully placed several satellites in orbit on Tuesday, officials said, taking a major step in efforts to jumpstart its space program after a first test failed last year.


West Africa bloc deploys stabilizing force to Guinea-Bissau. The 15-nation bloc announced in February that it would deploy the force, a few days after President Umaru Sissoco Embalo survived what he called an assassination attempt by drug traffickers.


US Navy needs more small warships to counter Russia, researchers say. Destroyers, cruisers, and aircraft carriers allow the US to project power. But the Navy lacks small and powerful ships that are cheap to operate and easy to keep deployed.

The Air Force wants to take on active shooters with drones and robots. A new system being tested by the Air Force will alert authorities to gunshots and deploy robots and drones to intercept.


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