Russia and China Hold Joint War Drills

Russia and China Hold Joint War Drills

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MESSAGE TO BIDEN – Russia and China held military exercises in East Asia as Biden visited. The coordinated bomber flights were the first such activity the two nations had done together since President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia ordered the invasion of Ukraine.


WHICH IS IT? Despite Biden’s latest, Pentagon says nothing has changed on US defense of Taiwan. The president suggested that the U.S. is willing to get involved militarily—which could mean troops.

INDEED – Guam needs better missile defenses—urgently. Here’s a two-stage plan to harden this crucial island base against China’s burgeoning missile arsenal.

GREAT IDEA – A new approach to defending Taiwan at the UN. Bowing to Chinese pressure for the fifth year in a row, the World Health Organization (WHO) is set to arbitrarily deny Taiwan’s request to attend the global health body’s annual agenda-setting meeting this month in Geneva. But, if the and Congress are serious about undercutting Beijing’s campaign to delegitimize its democratic rival, then Washington should condition future WHO funding on the reinstatement of Taiwan to its rightful place at the United Nations (UN) specialized agency.

THIS IS CRITICAL – Congress and Pentagon seek to shore up strategic mineral stockpile dominated by China. Congress has repeatedly authorized multimillion-dollar sell-offs of the U.S. strategic minerals stockpile over the past several decades, but Washington’s increased anxiety over Chinese domination of resources critical to the defense industrial base has prompted lawmakers to reverse course and shore up the reserve.


Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 90. Ukrainian forces have “liberated” 24 settlements in the Kharkiv region, the commander-in-chief of Ukraine’s armed forces said. Schools and universities in Kherson, south of Ukraine, will operate in Russian as it will become the state language, alongside Ukrainian, according to the Russian state-owned RIA news agency.

Ukraine to get Harpoon anti-ship missiles from Denmark amid Russian Black Sea blockade. Denmark will arm Ukraine with a modern Harpoon anti-ship launcher and missiles to protect its coasts, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said Monday after concluding the latest U.S.-led meeting of international defense chiefs to coordinate military aid for Ukraine.

SPOT ON – ‘They basically got everything wrong’: Russian diplomat resigns in protest. Boris Bondarev, a midlevel diplomat, became the most prominent Russian official to resign and publicly criticize the war in Ukraine.

UNITED WE WIN – 20 countries in US-led Ukraine Contact Group offer new military aid packages to help Ukrainians beat back invading Russians. Some 20 countries in the U.S.-led Ukraine Contact Group agreed to contribute new military aid packages to help Ukrainian troops fight off the Russian forces that have been attacking their country for the last three months, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced Monday.


TERRORISTS GET GOVERNMENT ARMS – Some militant arms in Niger came from West African state stockpiles, report says. Significant proportions of weapons and arms seized from Islamist insurgents in Niger came from West African state stockpiles, suggesting authorities are struggling to secure arms stores in the region, a report said on Monday.

INTERESTING TIMING – Erdogan says Turkey to launch military operations on its southern borders. “The main target of these operations will be areas which are centers of attacks to our country and safe zones,” Erdogan said, without elaborating.

Colombia to train Ukrainian military on landmine removal. A team of Colombian soldiers will travel to Europe to train their Ukrainian counterparts on de-mining techniques, the South American country’s defense minister said on Monday.


Air Cav is back in vogue — new units, class waitlists and more. Aviation leaders were quick to remind Army Times that it technically never left, but throughout the Global War on Terror, the massed deep reconnaissance missions and raids that featured in air cavalry’s early years were largely relegated to Vietnam movies, set to Wagner.

The Navy is tasking ‘combat-ready’ SEALs to develop new ways to take on ‘the most stressing hard targets.‘ Some combat-ready SEALs are now working to solve “key operational problems,” the top SEAL officer wrote recently.


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