Senior Air Force Official Says US Risks Losing Tech Edge

Senior Air Force Official Says US Risks Losing Tech Edge

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Chief architect officer for Air Force exits, saying US is at risk of losing tech edge. A senior official responsible for driving technological innovation at the U.S. Department of Defense has resigned, saying the Pentagon needs “structural change” and should behave more like SpaceX, Elon Musk’s satellite company that has shaken up rocket launches.


Border numbers jump in March, with striking increase in Ukrainians. U.S. immigration officials detained more than 5,000 migrants from Ukraine at the nation’s land, sea and air borders in March, with a significant increase in those seeking refuge at the U.S.-Mexico boundary.

Exclusive: US, Cuba to hold high-level migration talks in Washington. American and Cuban officials are due to meet in Washington on Thursday to discuss migration concerns, people familiar with the matter said, in the highest-level formal U.S. talks with Havana since President Joe Biden took office last year.


Senior US officials to visit the Solomon Islands amid China security concerns. White House Indo-Pacific coordinator Kurt Campbell and the State Department’s top official for Asia will travel this week to the Solomon Islands, the White House said on Monday, amid concerns that the Pacific island country is making a security pact with China.

New Chinese anti-missile radar looks toward Japan, satellite image shows. A satellite photo has revealed that China has built a new long-range, early-warning radar that can be used to detect ballistic missiles from thousands of miles away, likely giving it coverage of all of Japan.


US troops to train Ukrainian forces on howitzers in coming days. The training, which will occur outside Ukraine, will teach Ukrainian forces to operate the 155mm howitzers. They will then return to the fight and train other Ukrainians to use the American cannons, the official said.

Putin honors brigade accused by Ukraine of ‘war crimes’ in Bucha. A decree signed by President Vladimir Putin on Monday gave the 64th Motor Rifle Brigade the title of “Guards” for defending the “Motherland and state interests” and praised the “mass heroism and valour, tenacity and courage” of its members during what it calls its “special military operation” in Ukraine.

Sinking of Russian warship raises tense questions about fate of crew. Some families report sailors dead or missing in the Moskva sinking despite the Russian Defense Ministry’s claim that all were evacuated.

Strategic southern port city of Mariupol on the brink of falling as Ukrainian fighters defy Russian surrender demands. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky acknowledges that the port city is on the verge of being lost.


Raisi says Iran will target heart of Israel if it acts against Iranian nation. Iran’s armed forces will target Israel’s heart if it makes “the slightest move” against the Islamic Republic, President Ebrahim Raisi told a military parade on Monday, amid stalled talks between Tehran and world powers to revive a 2015 nuclear pact.

Fighting rages in Marib despite UN truce. Iran-aligned Houthi rebels resumed their attacks on the energy-rich government stronghold, the last in Yemen’s north, soon after the truce announcement.


US envoy vows ‘strongest possible deterrent’ over N Korea weapons tests. The United States and South Korea would maintain the “strongest possible joint deterrent” over North Korea’s “escalatory actions,” the U.S. envoy on North Korea said on Monday, amid concerns that Pyongyang was preparing to resume nuclear testing.

North Korea tests new weapon bolstering nuclear capability. The official Korean Central News Agency said leader Kim Jong Un observed what it called the weapon’s successful launch.


Use of Army’s prepositioned ‘afloat’ equipment is expected to grow in the Pacific. Army leaders in the Pacific are lauding the inaugural use of floating prepositioned supplies and equipment for a pair of recently completed exercises in the Philippines as a significant step forward in strategic agility.

Air Force fields a new rifle for airmen across missions. The Air Force is almost finished distributing nearly 1,500 new rifles to security forces, pararescuemen, Guardian Angels and explosive ordnance disposal Airmen, the service announced April 16.


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