Taiwanese Learning Civil Defense From Ukraine

Taiwanese Learning Civil Defense From Ukraine

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IF TRUE – YUP, BOTH SIDES DO IT – Trump officials gave improper national security loans to trucking firm, lawmakers allege. Democratic lawmakers on Wednesday accused President Donald Trump’s administration of improperly awarding $700 million in pandemic relief loans to a trucking company under the guise of national security.


SERIOUSLY – ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’? Climate change is running the National Guard ragged. Five years ago, the National Guard spent roughly 14,000 personnel hours fighting wildfires. By last year, that had increased to 170,000 hours.


GOOD – Civil defense is trending in Taiwan after Ukraine war. “It’s not inspiration per se, but what happened in Ukraine kind of gave us an alert that we probably need to learn about what to do in an emergency,” Wei-lin Tseng, a Taipei-based professional, told Al Jazeera after the Forward Alliance workshop teaching citizens how to survive in a conflict zone. “I think it’s motivation, and it’s also good to know techniques, so you can help others.”

LOL – China says US hyped sailing of Navy warship in Taiwan Strait. The USS Sampson transited the Strain on Tuesday, according to the Navy.


VALID – Fears are mounting that the war will spill across borders. American and European officials say their concern is based in part on a growing conviction that the war will not end any time soon.

SINK MORE OF THEM – Britain says Russia’s Black Sea fleet retains ability to strike Ukraine. About 20 Russian Navy vessels, including submarines, are in the Black Sea operational zone, the British defense ministry said on Twitter.

PLAYING OFFENSE – Russia suffers another fire at a supply depot as it advances in Eastern Ukraine. The blaze near Belgorod, around 15 miles from the Ukrainian border, was the latest in a series of incidents to afflict Russian military facilities in regions adjacent to Ukraine in recent weeks that could pressure supply lines to Russian forces.

FAIR TRADE? Russia releases US Marine vet as part of prisoner exchange. Russia and the United States carried out a dramatic prisoner exchange on Wednesday, trading a Marine veteran jailed in Moscow for a convicted Russian drug trafficker serving a long prison sentence in America, a senior U.S. official and the Russian foreign ministry said.


WHAT BIDEN PLAYING NICE GOT US – White House worried Iran could develop nuclear weapon in weeks. The White House is worried Iran could develop a nuclear weapon in weeks, press secretary Jen Psaki said on Tuesday, after Secretary of State Antony Blinken noted earlier in the day the country has accelerated its nuclear program.


VERY INTERESTING – Pakistan rebel group warns China of harsher attacks. A Pakistan separatist group on Wednesday warned of more violent attacks on Chinese targets, a day after a suicide bomber killed three Chinese teachers posted from Beijing to the southern city of Karachi.


THANK YOU, MR. PRESIDENT – US left behind $7 billion of military equipment in Afghanistan after 2021 withdrawal, Pentagon report says. Approximately $7 billion of military equipment the US transferred to the Afghan government over the course of 16 years was left behind in after the US completed its withdrawal from the country in August, according to a congressionally mandated report from the US Department of Defense viewed by CNN.

VALID COMPLAINT – Biden welcomes Ukrainian refugees, neglects Afghans, critics say. Many human rights advocates hail the administration’s response to the exodus triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, while others feel deeply frustrated that those left behind in Afghanistan have not received equal attention.


Vast majority of troops kicked out for COVID vaccine refusal received general discharges. Of 3,400 troops who’ve been involuntarily separated from service for refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine, about 70 percent have received general discharges, service personnel chiefs said Wednesday.

Navy’s next-gen, ship-killing missile will be a hypersonic weapon dubbed HALO. The fiscal 2023 budget request is the first to outline crucial details about the next increment of OASuW, including its hypersonic capability.

Why the historic conviction of an Air Force general is a sign of progress for the service. Military legal experts say that Saturday’s conviction of a two-star Air Force general of abusive sexual contact in the service’s first-ever court-martial of a general officer represents a significant cultural change that will hopefully send a message to future victims and perpetrators of sexual assault and harassment in the military.



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