Pain at the Pump Reaches Record New High

Pain at the Pump Reaches Record New High

The latest numbers from AAA reveal have surged to another all-time high (the second in as many months).

The national average price for a gallon of regular gasoline climbed Tuesday to $4.37.

Fox Business further reports:

The prices come as the European Union edges toward oil sanctions on Russia amid the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine. It also comes amid record-high , with the consumer price index reaching 8.5% in March.

The White House has blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for the record-high gas prices in the U.S., even coining the surge as the “#PutinPriceHike” and vowing that President Biden will do everything he can to shield Americans from “pain at the pump.”

However, a recent survey from CNN showed that most U.S. voters believe Biden’s policies have hurt the economy. Arguably worse is the reality that 80% say the government hasn’t done enough to combat inflation.

Today’s figures put added pressure on Biden, who will attempt to address voters’ concerns in a high-stakes speech later today.

Biden reportedly intends to lay out his plan to provide relief for American families and “contrast his approach with congressional Republicans’ ultra-MAGA agenda.”

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