CNN Now Says There’s a ‘Realistic Chance’ Hunter Biden Could Be Indicted

CNN Now Says There’s a ‘Realistic Chance’ Hunter Biden Could Be Indicted

Elie Honig, a legal analyst for CNN, says there’s a “realistic chance” the feds will indict following the Justice Department’s investigation into his overseas business dealings.

According to reports, the investigation is more thorough than initially thought.

And it is “gaining steam.”


As The Hill reports:

Former President Trump relentlessly attacked President Biden over his son’s struggles with addiction and what he alleged to be corrupt overseas business affairs during the 2020 presidential campaign. Trump’s first impeachment stemmed from a call with the president of Ukraine during which Trump pressured the Ukrainian leader to help him dig up dirt on Hunter Biden, who had done business in the country with a corrupt oil and gas company.

“There is a realistic chance this could result in federal charges,” Honig said. “Of course, then we’d be in unprecedented political territory — not legal territory but a situation of having potentially the Department of Justice prosecuting and trying to imprison the son of the president.”

President Biden has repeatedly denied that his son, and other family members, did anything wrong when conducting business deals with foreign companies.

Reporters haven’t found evidence that the president personally benefited from any multi-million dollar deals. However, new documents signed by Hunter Biden and analysis of his laptop’s hard drive show how the Biden family profited from ’s connections at the highest levels of power.

Hunter’s most lucrative financial arrangement was with CEFC China Energy. The energy conglomerate paid out $4.8 million to entities owned by Hunter and his uncle over 14 months, as The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

The Post offered an explanation for why it didn’t scrutinize the allegations earlier:

After the New York Post began publishing reports on the contents of the laptop in October 2020, The Washington Post repeatedly asked Giuliani and Republican strategist Stephen K. Bannon for a copy of the data to review before the election, but the requests were rebuffed or ignored.

In June 2021, a copy was provided to The Post by Jack Maxey, an activist who received a copy from Giuliani in 2020, at a time when Maxey was working with Bannon and his “War Room” podcast.

A Senate report published details on Hunter’s work in Ukraine and China in September 2020. At the time, mainstream media outlets either refused to cover the story or called it “politically charged.”

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