US to Impose Sanctions on Russian Leader and Foreign Minister

US to Impose Sanctions on Russian Leader and Foreign Minister

The United States government will impose another tranche of sanctions on Russian leader and Foreign Minister .

The move is the latest blow to the Russian economy and the country’s oligarchs since the unprovoked invasion of .

It is undoubtedly the most personal.

The news from the White House coincided with announcements from the United Kingdom and European Union also imposing sanctions against Putin and Lavrov.

As CNBC notes:

Twice this week, the United States has announced new sanctions against ’s largest banks and its sovereign debt, cutting them off from the U.S. banking system.

It also comes amid clashes between Russian soldiers and Ukrainian forces in the capital city of Kyiv after fighting their way through the suburbs.

Even Ukraine’s former president has taken up arms against the invaders.

Yet despite the promising resistance and harsher rhetoric from Washington, it remains unclear how damaging the sanctions against Putin will be.


Putin publicly claims his salary of roughly $140,000 as his only source of income, and lists his assets as two apartments and a few vehicles.

In reality, Putin lives in a palatial home larger than Buckingham Palace, and has been photographed repeatedly wearing watches that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Experts and former Kremlin insiders believe Putin is worth billions of dollars, and that he uses the global shadow banking system to hide his money.

So, what do you think? Will these latest sanctions influence Putin’s decision-making? Tell us in the comments below!

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