Who is Arming Ukraine, and What Are They Sending?

Who is Arming Ukraine, and What Are They Sending?

As Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky shames the U.S. into providing more arms and support to face the brutal Russian invasion, many members, and a few others, are providing large quantities of arms, with a few acting as central supply hubs for military supplies already pouring into . (RELATED: Ukrainians Praying to ‘St Javelin’ – The New Patron Saint of the Tank-Busting Missile)

Among those countries on the Ukraine supply front lines, are former Soviet colonies, Poland, Slovakia and Romania, which all share a border with Ukraine.

As the Financial Times writes, this is the largest European arms supply since the end of World War Two and NATO secretary-general, Jens Stoltenberg, has cautioned that attacking allied supply lines would represent a dangerous escalation.

In addition to the many NATO member countries, non-NATO members Ireland, Finland and Sweden, are also helping in efforts to supply Ukraine with defensive weapons, and other military support, supplies and gear. (RELATED: While Biden Dithers, Spain Sends Warships to Deter Russian Invasion)

They are all doing this while walking a fine line trying not to directly involve the military alliance itself, for fear of further escalating hostilities with Russia. (RELATED: Pushing for a NATO-Ukrainian ‘No-Fly Zone’? – Know What You Are Asking For)

The UK has reportedly sent 3,615 NLAW anti-tank guided missiles to Ukraine so far, and will soon begin transferring ‘defensive’ Javelin anti-tank weapons and Starstreak anti-aircraft missiles.

Meanwhile, Denmark has sent 2,700 anti-tank weapons, Norway has provided 2,000 anti-tank weapons and Sweden 5,000 of the same.

But they are far from the only nations arming Ukraine, as the graphic above shows.

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