Democrats Attempt to Federally Mandate ‘Right to Abortion’ Through Equal Rights Amendment

Democrats Attempt to Federally Mandate ‘Right to Abortion’ Through Equal Rights Amendment

Pro- lawmakers are attempting to federally mandate a “right to abortion” by revitalizing the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and inserting it into the U.S. Constitution. 

Democrats’ efforts began in February of 2021 when the newly inaugurated released a Statement of Administration Policy in support of the Equality Act. Leading the world Biden-backed ERA-revival movement is Representative Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.).

Rep. Maloney falsely claimed the ERA is ratified and suggested the Archivist of the U.S., David Ferriero, can make the amendment part of the Constitution. The Washington Post pointed out her inaccuracies, concluding, “Maloney is offering false hope about the archivist’s role — and falsely putting words in Ferriero’s mouth…. Moreover, two major court rulings have concluded that the ERA’s ratification deadline, as set by Congress, has expired.”

The fact-checking article continued, “At this point, pending further court or congressional action, it is simply wrong to claim that the ERA already has met constitutional muster and all that is needed is the approval of the archivist.” 

If Congress were to ratify the 50-year-old amendment, it would threaten pro-life legal accomplishments in federal and state governments. 

Douglas Johnson, Director of the ERA Project at the National Right to Life Committee told American Liberty News, “If this ERA became part of the constitution it would be likely used as a powerful pro-abortion legal weapon.”

“Pro-abortion groups, the leading ERA groups, are all openly proclaiming that they intend to use the ERA to try for federal abortion rights, that they see it as a replacement for Roe v. Wade that would be even more powerful as a weapon against pro-life legislation.” 

However, the ratification of the ERA is not as popular of a proposition as Democrats suggest. As the NRLC has reported, “Advocates seeking to resuscitate the 1972 Equal Rights Amendment are on a 40-year losing streak before federal judges of every stripe: So far, five courts, 26 judges and justices — and counting.” 

Furthermore, even with Archivist Ferriero’s approval, amending the Constitution is not a one-and-done deal. “ERAs have been proposed in Congress since 1923. But for many decades, they were unable to surmount the high hurdles found in Article V of the Constitution,” explains Susan B. Anthony List (SBA). 

SBA is a pro-life organization tracking ERA-revitalization efforts, they have previously reported on the Biden administration’s extreme support for abortion.

With Archivist Ferriero set to retire in April, Democrats are calling on him to support and certify the ERA before then. Whether or not Ferriero agrees, Biden’s track record suggests the next appointee will be pro-abortion.

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