Democrats Spend All Day Cleaning up Biden’s Election Comments

Democrats Spend All Day Cleaning up Biden’s Election Comments

Some did better than others…

Politically, did the unthinkable yesterday. He questioned whether the midterms would be fair and the results legitimate.

Biden’s remarks came at his first press conference in months. Instead of calling the Freedom to Vote Act a means to further voter rights, Biden suggested the midterms would be illegitimate if the Senate didn’t pass his party’s bill to federalize elections.

Just to recap: the president called into question the legitimacy of an election that hasn’t taken place yet. (RELATED: Biden Casts Doubt on Midterms’ Legitimacy if Congress Doesn’t Pass Election Reform Bill)


A majority of Americans are pessimistic about the future of our republic. It’s no exaggeration to say U.S. democracy is in crisis — and in a few moments Biden made things worse.

Appearing on Fox News this morning, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki did her best to claim that Biden never cast doubt on the midterms.


Whether or not her appearance moved the needle is debatable. It wasn’t disastrous like other Democrats who regurgitated Biden’s claims or didn’t have anything to say (cough, cough, madam vice president).

Hot Air continues:

The third-ranking Democrat in the House and one of the most influential African-American politicians in the U.S. is making it worse too:

The Squad also made it worse last night when they attacked Manchin and Sinema in overt racial terms for standing behind the filibuster:

SEE ALSO: Manchin and Sinema Join Republicans to Uphold Filibuster

Biden has only himself to blame for his predicament. By demagoguing modest election reform laws, he’s turned his opponents into George Wallace and Bull Connor reincarnate.

Jim Crow-era laws suppressed the black vote for decades. Now, the president and his party are saying what Republicans are doing one century later is equally bad.

But all they’ve done (so far) is fail to achieve their latest legislative goals and push the party further left.

I’ll leave you with this, from today’s White House briefing. Jen Psaki’s clean-up of yesterday’s Biden press conference is now in its 22nd hour.

So, what do you think? Were Biden’s remarks that the midterms wouldn’t be legitimate the worst thing he said yesterday? The president of would disagree after Biden practically dared Vladimir Putin to launch an all-out war.

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