Drone Footage Captures Incredible Tornado Damage

Drone Footage Captures Incredible Tornado Damage


New footage from Eddie Knight of Sacramento, , shows one of the tornadoes that hit sit states over the weekend in one of the largest outbreaks in U.S. history:

It’s unclear if it is the same tornado that tore through Mayfield, Kentucky. The National Weather Service has already begun investigating whether that twister was indeed on the ground for 223 miles.

Kentucky Division of Emergency Management


Sometimes, there are no words.

Aerial footage from Mayfield, Kentucky, recorded the destruction caused by a massive tornado that may have stayed on the ground for more than 200 miles across three states and the Mississippi River.


As ABC News reports:

At least 34 people across five U.S. states have been confirmed dead after a swarm of tornadoes tore through communities across the South and the Midwest over the weekend.

There were at least 40 tornadoes reported across nine states between Friday night and early Saturday morning — unusual for December in the United States. Kentucky was the worst-hit state, with at least 20 confirmed fatalities, according to local officials.

Kentucky Gov. warned Sunday that the death toll from what he described as “the most devastating tornado event in our state’s history” could exceed 100, but then later said the tally might be closer to 50. Two of his relatives were among those killed.

“We are still hoping for miracles,” the governor told ABC News’ David Muir on Sunday. “We are finding people and every single moment is incredible.”

First responders had expected dozens of fatalities at a candle factory in Mayfield, which collapsed on its employees. However, most workers escaped with their lives. So far, officials confirm eight people died inside the factory. Another eight remain missing.

Still, Gov. Beshear says that it will take years to rebuild.