Florida Supreme Court Hands DeSantis Redistricting Win

Florida Supreme Court Hands DeSantis Redistricting Win

The Supreme Court has dismissed a legal challenge to Republican Gov. ’ highly effective if controversial congressional map. The ongoing dispute threw the boundaries of multiple North Florida congressional districts redrawn by DeSantis and his advisers in doubt. At issue was their decision to eliminate a plurality Black district that stretched from Tallahassee to Jacksonville.

An appeals court will now decide the legal challenge to the DeSantis-backed map.

Reading between the lines, the development means that the new district boundaries are probably set in stone until the next congressional apportionment following the 2030 census.

It also means that Republicans will likely pick up four congressional seats in Florida this November. Remember, the GOP only needs five to reclaim their majority in the U.S. House.

Politico further reports on the latest blow to the Democrats’ midterm prospects:

In its one-page decision, the Supreme Court contended it lacked “jurisdiction” over the current lawsuit and that it would be “speculative” to suggest “whether the First District’s eventual decision will provide an appropriate basis” for review. The decision was endorsed by four justices — including three who were appointed by DeSantis.

Justice Jorge Labarga, who was appointed to the court by former Gov. Charlie Crist, dissented and contended the Supreme Court would eventually take up the case since it revolves around whether the new map violates anti-gerrymandering provisions adopted by voters.

DeSantis, during remarks at his budget signing ceremony in central Florida, briefly hailed the decision although he acknowledged that there will be “more litigation in the future.”

“At the end of the day we knew we needed to comply with both the state and federal constitutions and the Florida Supreme Court by agreeing with the appeals court — it’s saying, you know, these elections must go on,” DeSantis said.

Groups fighting the map in court bitterly criticized the ruling and vowed to continue their legal challenges for as long as possible.

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