Freedom Convoy Car-ramming Suspect Identified as Antifa Member

Freedom Convoy Car-ramming Suspect Identified as Antifa Member

Canadian law enforcement have linked the suspect in a vehicle-ramming attack in Winnipeg to .

Authorities charged David Alexander Zegarac, 42, with four counts of assault with a weapon. Zegarac allegedly drove his white Jeep into a crowd of people protesting pandemic restrictions outside the Manitoba legislature on Friday night. (RELATED: New Jersey and Delaware to End Mask Mandates)



Zegarac also faces charges of failing to stop at the scene of an accident and dangerous operation of a vehicle causing bodily harm.

The SUV hit four men. Three had minor injuries. Paramedics took the fourth to an area hospital.

As CBC News reports:

The driver of the SUV drove away from the legislature at high speed, running red lights, and about 40 minutes later was arrested in Headingley following a brief struggle, police said.

On Saturday, Carver said he couldn’t speak to the driver’s motivations for allegedly striking the protesters, but said the driver had blurted out statements that made police think it wasn’t about pandemic-related mandates.

Zegarac was the frontman for Winnipeg-based punk rock band Brat Attack. According to Ago Ngô, Rebel Time Records dropped the band in 2015 following allegations of sexual misconduct against Zegarac.

Ngô adds:

With the revelation of Zegarac’s identity and the emergence of his deep roots in ’s antifa punk scene, antifa supporters who know him are going into damage control. Winnipeg Punks, whose current avatar on Facebook is a crossed out “convoy,” released a statement saying Zegerac was part of Antifa and Anti-Racist Action (another militant far-left, antifa group), but that he was a “poser” and was “despised.”

Meanwhile, the and their supporters continue to endure attacks on their character, government coercion and Big Tech censorship.

Indeed, Canadian journalist Brian Walton urged people to run over “Nazis” supporting the Freedom Convoy. (RELATED: Hannity Sounds Off After Trudeau Condemns ‘Freedom Convoy’ Truckers)


Despite the intense backlash to his tweet, Walton remained defiant. On Saturday, he continued to conflate pandemic restriction protesters with literal Nazis, saying “And yes, I believe ppl who choose beliefs we went to war over should be removed from the planet.” (RELATED: In Hiding, Trudeau Hints at Using Canadian Army to Quell Anti-government Protest) 

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