Governor Orders Home Gun Confiscation Raids Without Due Process

Governor Orders Home Gun Confiscation Raids Without Due Process

Following the recent mass shooting at a Buffalo supermarket, Gov. (D) signed a flurry of executive orders, including one expanding her state’s unconstitutional .

So-called red flag laws allow individuals or police to petition state courts to disarm people. The only recourse they have is to go to court and prove they’re not a danger to themselves or others.

(GOA) Northeast Regional Director Michael Csencsits made a salient point following Hochul’s latest moves out of Albany: Authorities could’ve stopped the gunman a year before last weekend’s shooting.

Csencsits issued the following statement:

“Despite making a threat last year, a review by local prosecutors has determined that the Buffalo mass murderer did not qualify for ‘red flag’ gun confiscation. To put it bluntly, attempted intervention by the state failed, and existing policies like ‘may-issue’ laws only put those in Buffalo at a greater disadvantage.   

In spite of this, Governor Hochul just signed an executive order to require state police to request these ‘extreme risk protection orders’ when people meet certain government designated criteria. Let’s be clear, requiring law enforcement to directly petition the seizure of arms from a judge only further invites opportunity for abuse and confiscation. 

This is just one more attempt by anti-gun politicians in Albany to trample on our rights.  In addition to this ‘red flag’ expansion, the Governor and legislators are proposing an expansion of the definition of a firearm and microstamping all new handguns sold in the state (which has been shown historically to not help in solving crime). 

These new gun control proposals would not have prevented this tragedy, but they will further infringe on law-abiding New Yorkers who deserve the right to carry arms in their own defense.”

As American Liberty News reported Wednesday:

Law enforcement officials in New York’s Broome County questioned the gunman in 2021 for threatening his classmates. When asked by a teacher about his post-graduation plans, he allegedly said, “I want to murder and commit suicide.” He was transported to a local hospital for a mental health evaluation and underwent counseling. While in the hospital, the future mass murderer told police officers he was joking. The hospital staff decided to discharge him after a day and a half. Because his stay didn’t qualify as an involuntary commitment, he could still purchase guns under federal law.

Investigators at the time didn’t consider his threats specific enough to warrant further action.

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