Illegal Immigrants’ Latest Technique to Infiltrate US Revealed

Illegal Immigrants’ Latest Technique to Infiltrate US Revealed

Today, there is a growing concern on the southern border as reports surface of illegal immigrants using to go deep inside the United States after crossing the border.

Confiding to Fox News, Uber drivers in Yuma, admitted that they’ve dealt with a surge in pickups in remote locations near the Mexican border.


As Fox News reports:

One driver said the riders confirmed to him that they were in the U.S. illegally. Another said he deduced their immigration status based on the circumstances, such as getting picked up with bags alongside large groups in remote locations near the border with destinations at hotels. Fox News granted both anonymity so they could speak freely.

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“I just will get a notification of a pickup, head down to the location and there will be a group of 20 plus immigrants standing on the corner, waiting for Ubers,” one driver told Fox News. “It’s legit in the middle of nowhere.”

The drivers told Fox News that many of the illegal immigrants ask to be dropped off at local hotels in the Yuma area.

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Fox News asked Uber a series of questions, such as whether the ride-share company was aware that illegal immigrants were using its services to travel to the U.S. interior or what it had done to assist its drivers. An Uber spokesperson’s response didn’t answer the questions, besides indicating that drivers can cancel rides if they feel unsafe and can call the police to report suspicious activity.

Pivoting further away from the immigration debate, the Uber spokesperson told Fox that it provided its drivers with training to help disrupt human trafficking.

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So, what do you think? Should Uber drivers be punished for transporting illegal immigrants when possible or is it unfair to blame them for bad political decisions? As always, tell us your thoughts in comments below!

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