Illinois Democrats Appear to Have Ended Adam Kinzinger’s Career

Illinois Democrats Appear to Have Ended Adam Kinzinger’s Career

It’s no secret that loves the idea of seeing his most famous GOP critics lose re-election next year.

In ’s case, Illinois Democrats appear to have beaten the former president to the punch.

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Their heavily gerrymandered congressional map carves up Kinzinger’s old district. If upheld, Kinzinger faces two choices: start campaigning in unfamiliar territory or run for statewide office. Both are unenviable positions.

Kinzinger condemned the Democrats attempt to end his career, calling it “anything but transparent.”

Per Mediaite:

“I have proudly served six terms in the U.S. House and it has been an honor to do so,” Kinzinger said. “Following the release of the new congressional maps for Illinois, my team and I will spend some time looking them over and reviewing all of the options, including those outside the House. This process has been anything but transparent, which comes as no surprise to anyone. I believe the people of Illinois deserve better.”

Democrats in the Illinois General Assembly released a proposal earlier in the day with the proposed lines of the state’s congressional map for the next decade. Their party controls both of the state’s legislative chambers, along with the governor’s mansion and 13 House seats. Republicans hold five. The state is set to lose a seat when the next Congress convenes in 2023, and the new map makes it likely for Republicans to hold just three of those.

Kinzinger, who joined Congress in 2013, became one of the most prominent Republican allies to House Democrats toward the end of President Donald Trump’s term in office. He was one of 10 Republicans to vote in favor of Trump’s impeachment in January, and was one of just two selected by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to serve on the House committee investigating events in the capital on Jan. 6.

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Besides erasing Kinzinger’s seat, the new map includes sliver-like districts that snake out from Chicago and invade its Republican suburbs.

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