Judge Rules on Subpoena Fight Over Trump’s Finances

Judge Rules on Subpoena Fight Over Trump’s Finances

Judge Arthur Engoron has ruled on New York Attorney General ’ legal fight to force former President and two of his children, Donald Jr. and Ivanka, to comply with her subpoenas.

Both Don Jr. and Ivanka worked as executives in their father’s business.

Donald Trump continues to run the with his brother, Eric.

As CNBC reports:

The ruling came after a contentious hearing where lawyers for Trump, and attacked Attorney General Letitia James for conducting what they said was a probe tainted by political bias, and a violation of the elder Trump’s constitutional rights.

The Trump lawyers are seeking to block the subpoenas on those and other grounds.

During the hearing, which was conducted via remote video hookup, Trump’s lawyer Alina Habba, several times was reprimanded by Engoron’s clerk for interrupting the judge.

“Counselor when the judge speaks you need to stop talking,” the clerk told Habba, who during her arguments suggested that Hillary Clinton should be under investigation by James, and not Trump.

James’ office issued subpoenas to the three Trumps in December.

The Democrat claimed at a press conference last month that there’s “significant evidence” that Trump over- and under-valued his properties to secure favorable terms on loans, insurance coverage and tax deductions.

Engoron sided with James in previous matters related to her probe of the Trump Organization. That included his decision to make Eric Trump testify in James’ investigation.

Testifying before James’ attorneys poses risks beyond the scope of her investigation. The Manhattan district attorney’s office might use the Trumps’ words against them in its parallel criminal investigation.

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