Meet the Squad Member Who Wants Everyone Out of Prison

Meet the Squad Member Who Wants Everyone Out of Prison

Another way to put it would be “meet the most obtuse member of the Squad.”

Democratic Rep. (D-Mich.) has found a perfect district for herself. However, her views are radioactive for Democrats in Congress who represent swing states and purplish districts.

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She can’t even defend her support for key legislation when asked basic questions by journalists:

Per Hot Air:

The BREATHE Act that Jonathan Swan quizzes her on is so far out there that it didn’t draw the support of the full Squad when it was proposed last summer, amid the national demonstrations over George Floyd’s death. Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley sponsored it; AOC and Ilhan Omar passed. Which tells us who the smartest members of the Squad are, I guess. Watch, then read on.

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Is Swan’s characterization fair? Would the BREATHE Act really shut down federal prisons (over 10 years)? Sure looks that way:

Even human traffickers, Swan asks her? Well, no, maybe not them, says Tlaib.

Did she read her own bill?

While Tlaib promotes this “improvement” to the system, AOC and others continue to press for ending “excessive bail” amounts for prisoners.

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