Pro-Trump Republican Not Seeking Reelection

Pro-Trump Republican Not Seeking Reelection

While our focus has been on the State of the Union, and rightfully so, there’s major news out of Washington that hasn’t received the attention it deserves. (RELATED: Liberty Rising Brief: Biden’s ‘Best’ Moments)

One of former President Trump’s strongest advocates in Congress will not seek reelection.

In a selfless announcement on Twitter, Rep. (R-Pa.) wrote, in part, “With control of Congress & the direction of our nation at stake, this election is bigger than any one person. Rather than pit Republicans against Republicans, which the congressional map chosen by the liberal PA Supreme Court does, I am committed to helping take back the House holding ’s U.S. Senate seat, and electing a conservative Governor.”

Keller added he would not “run against another member of Pennsylvania’s Republican Congressional Delegation.” (RELATED: Trump Stuns GOP Establishment With Latest Endorsement)

Keller has a 90% lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union. The ACU rates him on being particularly strong on the issue of government integrity and transparency.

He also was a top campaign surrogate for Trump in Pennsylvania. (RELATED: Pennsylvania’s Mail-In Voting Law Dealt Another Legal Blow)


The Hill reports:

Pennsylvania had to redraw its congressional map with one less district due to the results of the 2020 census.

The state Supreme Court picked a map designed by Democratic voters, as the governor and GOP-dominated legislature could not come to an agreement on .

The new map combined Keller’s district with Republican Rep. Glenn Thompson’s district.

“My team & I will continue to work to provide the constituents of Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District with the highest level of service. Representing the values of the outstanding people of central & northeast Pennsylvania, who go to work every day and get the job done, has been the privilege of a lifetime. Thank you to everyone who has allowed me to do it,” Keller stated.

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