Project Veritas Allegedly Records FDA Executive Discussing COVID-19 Plan on Hidden Camera

Project Veritas Allegedly Records FDA Executive Discussing COVID-19 Plan on Hidden Camera

Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe says he has another bombshell on his hands.

O’Keefe is demanding answers today after releasing recordings of an executive that seemingly reveal coordination between the Biden administration and pharmaceutical companies.

That executive, Christopher Cole, was caught on hidden camera by one of Project Veritas’ undercover reporters posing as Cole’s date.

Besides saying that the administration will force Americans to receive yearly COVID shots, he added that the White House had financial incentives for promoting annual boosters.

Cole remarked that they’d be a “recurring fountain of revenue” for big pharma as well.


The Daily Mail has more on O’Keefe’s Wednesday night appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity” and the questions he has for the FDA:

‘When you have the government getting money from the people they are supposed to be regulating and you have an executive officer in that government saying he did not know he is being recorded, that influences how they approved products,’ the political activist said.

O’Keefe asked Cole to become a whistleblower, which he reportedly refused.

‘He is saying he misspoke. And I said “which part did you misspeak about?” And he said: “Well, then I was speaking in private, I didn’t want my remarks publicized.”‘

Project Veritas released its own report Wednesday with video clips of Cole from his conversations with a PV operative earlier in January and February:

Cole indicates that annual COVID-19 shots isn’t probable — but certain. When pushed on how he knows an annual shot will become policy, Cole states, “Just from everything I’ve heard, they [FDA] are not going to not approve it.”

The footage, which is part one of a two-part series on the FDA, also contains soundbites from Cole about the financial incentives pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer have to get the vaccine approved for annual usage.

Watch part two of PV’s exposé below to see Cole mention how “almost a billion dollars a year [goes] into the FDA’s budget from the people we regulate.”

For his part, Cole said that his comments were taken out of context and called PV’s investigation a “hack job.”

When asked by the press, an FDA spokesperson said of Cole, “the person purportedly in the video does not work on vaccine matters and does not represent the views of the FDA.”

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