Report: Biden Refusing to Provide Aid to Child Hunter Biden Had Out of Wedlock, Despite Threats

Report: Biden Refusing to Provide Aid to Child Hunter Biden Had Out of Wedlock, Despite Threats

President is reportedly refusing to provide security for ’s love child and her mother.

The news comes despite alleged threats from the woman’s cage fighter ex-fiancé.

Hunter, 51, impregnated , 29, in 2017 while he was in a two-year relationship with his brother’s widow. Nine months later, Roberts gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Navy Joan Roberts.

Hunter long denied paternity, until a DNA test proved he fathered the child. (RELATED: Compromised? More Proof Joe Biden Knew of Son Hunter’s Shady Foreign Business Deals)

Lunden and Navy Joan have never received protective services. Even after Lunden called the police after her ex, MMA fighter Princeton Foster, allegedly threatened her and her daughter.

According to the U.K.’s Dail Mail, President Biden is aware of the situation:

But so far the world’s most powerful man has declined to intervene or even reach out to see if the little girl is OK, according to a close friend of Roberts, who put on a brave face Thursday as she and Navy Joan were spotted playing tee ball in their local park.

‘The President frequently talks about his love and pride for his grandchildren. But if he really cared for every member of his family he would have done something by now,’ the pal told

‘The Secret Service would act at the drop of a dime if someone threatened any of the other Biden kids – but it’s like Navy Joan doesn’t matter.’

Roberts won a reported $2.5million settlement from former flame Hunter after taking him to court in 2019 and forcing him to take a DNA test that proved Navy Joan was his.

Hunter had asked the court to dismiss the petitions against him. (RELATED: Federal Investigators Are Looking for ‘Everything’ on Hunter Biden: CBS News)

He has never met his daughter.

President Biden has never publicly acknowledged Navy Joan’s existence, except indirectly on one occasion.

Shortly after Hunter’s paternity was scientifically proven, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked the president “Do you have a comment on this report and court filing out of Arkansas that your son Hunter just made you a grandfather?”

“No, that’s a private matter, I have no comment. But only you would ask that. You’re a good man, you’re a good man. Classy,” Biden responded while flashing an angry smile.


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