Report: Likelihood of Trump Indictment Plummets Following New Development

Report: Likelihood of Trump Indictment Plummets Following New Development

Manhattan District Attorney continues his office’s investigation into President ’s business practices.

However, new information reveals the likelihood of an indictment against Trump has faded.

According to those close to the probe, the Manhattan DA’s office is unlikely to charge the former president. Ever.

The admission comes after the special grand jury has stopped hearing evidence in the case. The New York Times reports that “knowledgeable sources” say the grand jury will expire at the end of the week.

And it will not be extended.

As Newsmax reports:

Three of the witnesses who were once considered key to the case have not been contacted by the district attorney in months or have not been asked to testify, sources told the Times. The sources also said a prosecutor, who had been concentrating on the investigation, has stopped focusing on it.

In February, two prosecutors in charge of the criminal investigation into Trump and his business dealings suddenly resigned.

The Times, citing sources, had reported that the grand jury investigation had stalled. The newspaper said that Carey Dunne and Mark Pomerantz quit after Bragg raised doubts about pursuing a case against Trump.

Meanwhile, the remaining prosecutors working on the probe gave up the “war room” they used to get ready for their grand jury presentations, the newspaper said.

While another grand jury could be impaneled, it seems less and less likely that Trump will be prosecuted as long as Bragg remains the district attorney.

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