Report: Senior White House Official Preparing to Leave for Cable News Gig

Report: Senior White House Official Preparing to Leave for Cable News Gig

According to multiple reports, White House Press Secretary plans to leave the sometime next month for a job at . (RELATED: White House’s Top Science Advisor Resigns)

MSNBC executives began exclusive talks with Psaki weeks ago, which immediately fueled rampant speculation. Though Psaki hasn’t formally announced her departure to the press team, she is reportedly working closely with the Office of the White House Counsel to navigate government ethics rules. (RELATED: Fox News Correspondent Gets Psaki to Admit to What Led to a Crime Surge in Dem-Run Cities)

As Axios reports:

Political spokespeople are often prime targets for cable networks, whose audiences tend to be political junkies.

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany joined Fox News as a commentator last March. Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer has his own show on Newsmax.

However, Psaki’s decision is notable as she recently called cable news a dying medium in a Feb. 18 interview with actor Rob Lowe.

Psaki shared her opinion after Lowe called today’s news “ratings driven,” which “squeezes out rational discourse and everybody now gets the news that they want to get.”

Mediaite shared her response at the time:

“Yeah,” said Psaki. “You know, I think there’s such an interesting — so I’m going to give you an optimistic view on this right now, which is — cable news is dying, right? The ratings are dwindling, right? And there’s dwindling readership as well of a lot of national newspapers.”

Psaki expressed her hope that streaming news platforms will be “a form for creating a range of content that is informative” rather than driven by ratings and “Democrats and Republicans yelling at each other on a set.”

Psaki left CNN in November 2020 to join the Biden-Harris transition team. (RELATED: Biden Bizarrely Denies His Numerous Recent Embarrassing Gaffes)

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