Republicans Sue Over New York’s New Congressional Map

Republicans Sue Over New York’s New Congressional Map

An aggressively gerrymandered congressional map for approved by Gov. (D) could still be stopped.

Until New York Democrats unveiled their map, this year’s process hadn’t noticeably benefited either party.

The skewed lines criss-crossing the Empire State could change all that. If their map holds, Democrats will likely gain several seats. (RELATED: The Legislative Battles That Could Decide Control of Congress)

All that stands in their way are 14 plaintiffs who have filed a lawsuit over the new map.

As the New York Post reports:

The individuals claim in court papers that the new maps violate a 2014 state law establishing the process to redraw district lines and further, that the lines are gerrymandered to favor Democratic incumbents.

“The People of New York in 2014 enshrined in the New York Constitution an exclusive process for enacting replacement congressional districts, while also prohibiting partisan and incumbent-protection ,” wrote attorneys Bennet J. Moskowitz, George H. Winner, and Misha Tseytlin in the lawsuit filed in Steuben County Supreme Court.

The petition is filed against Hochul, Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin, state Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, the New York State Board of Elections and the New York State Legislative Task Force on Demographic Research and Reapportionment.

Hochul signed the bills that will establish the new boundaries for New York’s new congressional as well as state Senate and Assembly districts in 2023 into law around 7 p.m. Thursday evening, just hours after the legislature approved the proposals.

Although New York gave Joe Biden 61% of the vote in 2020, the state is competitive outside of New York City. However, Democrats have used their majorities in the state legislature to amplify the voices of liberal voters in places like NYC, Buffalo and Rochester while diluting the power of Republican strongholds in Staten Island, Long Island and Upstate New York.

At the same time, Republicans have called out Democrats in Illinois, New Mexico and Maryland for their heavily-distorted maps. (RELATED: Illinois Democrats Appear to Have Ended Adam Kinzinger’s Career)

On the other side of the aisle, Democrats are challenging Republican-favored maps in Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio and Texas. (RELATED: Justice Department Sues Texas Over Redistricting)

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