Rittenhouse Judge Boots Left-Wing Network From Courtroom After Jury Encounter

Rittenhouse Judge Boots Left-Wing Network From Courtroom After Jury Encounter

Judge Bruce Schroeder announced this afternoon that reporters from MSNBC will no longer be allowed inside his courtroom. For the duration of the trial, at least.

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The ban follows the Kenosha Police Department’s arrest of a freelance journalist working for NBC News.

Officers pulled the individual over after he allegedly ran a red light. They arrested him after suspecting that he wanted to photograph jury members.

Judge Schroeder addressed the incident before the court. He said the reporter had followed the van at the behest of an NBC producer.

Responding to the charges, NBC News said that the freelancer never intended to photograph the jury. Still, the network conceded that he may have been following the jury van.

Per Fox News:

“He was ticketed for violating a traffic control signal, he’s not here today from what I’m told and I have instructed that no one from MSNBC News will be permitted in this building for the duration of this trial,” the judge said. 

“This is a very serious matter and I don’t know what the ultimate truth of it is but, absolutely, it would go without much thinking that someone who is following the jury bus, that is an extremely serious matter and will be referred to the proper authorities for further action.” 

Juror identities in the Rittenhouse case have been ordered sealed by the court. None of them can be photographed or videotaped without their consent.

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As of 5:10 pm (EST) the jury went home after its third day of deliberations. “You’ve certainly put in a full day and have asked to retire for the evening, which is fine,” said Judge Schroeder.

At the present time, the seven women and five men have spent nearly 24 hours deliberating.

How do you feel as jury deliberations continue? Do you think Kyle Rittenhouse will be found guilty on any charges? As always, share your thoughts with us below!

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