Rittenhouse Prosecutor Appears to Break Law During Closing Argument

Rittenhouse Prosecutor Appears to Break Law During Closing Argument
BREAKING: Don’t fool yourself. The trial is a trial against your Second Amendment rights! We must stop these rights from slipping away — donate now!

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial has ended. As jury deliberations got underway, a growing throng of protesters assembled outside the courthouse. Fearing possible violence, Gov. Tony Evers (D) has deployed 500 National Guard troops to Kenosha.

Before Judge Bruce Schroeder excused the jury he had some sobering advice:

In the middle of these fast moving developments, many observers have overlooked Assistant District Attorney ’s actions yesterday. Throughout the trial, Binger suffered several setbacks. Judge Schroeder reprimanded him multiple times for, among other things, commenting on the defendant’s right to pretrial silence to airing inadmissible evidence. In a final attempt to persuade the jury, Binger used the prosecution’s closing argument to brandish an AR-15 and point it at the jury.

Violating the First Rule of Gun Safety

In doing so, he failed to follow basic gun safety. His mistakes appear subject to prosecution under Wisconsin law.

Townhall’s Matt Vespa adds:

Aaron Walker, an attorney, zeroed in on the citation in a lengthy thread that also explained why he felt Binger was a terrible lawyer who he would have fired if he oversaw the DA’s office. And yes, the meme economists took stock as well of this potential foul-up. The man has his finger on the trigger. The rifle is not being pointed in a safe direction. It’s a mess.

A Losing Proposition?

We are now learning that Mike Graveley, the Kenosha County DA, allegedly believe the case against Rittenhouse would be almost impossible to win. Fearing it’d tarnish his record, Graveley pawned the case off to Binger.

As the Daily Mail explains:

Now court observers believe that even if Rittenhouse is found guilty, Binger’s performance has given him good grounds for appeal.

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Binger has at times seemed out of his depth as Judge Schroeder and Rittenhouse’s defense team tear into him for a series of missteps.

Former Milwaukee County assistant district attorney Daniel Adams described Binger’s case as ‘incredibly underwhelming.’

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What was the biggest misstep made during the Kyle Rittenhouse trial? Tell us your thoughts below, and let us know how confident you are that Kyle will be acquitted!

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