Schumer Postpones Gun Safety Legislation

Schumer Postpones Gun Safety Legislation

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) has decided to postpone any votes on gun safety legislation.

Schumer hoped to have the Senate vote on gun control proposals following the May 14 at a Tops Friendly Markets store in Buffalo and yesterday’s school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. However, the Senate Majority Leader told Democrats today not to expect votes on gun control anytime soon. (RELATED: Governor Orders Home Gun Confiscation Raids Without Due Process)

Instead, Schumer will rely on colleagues, like Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), to find a bipartisan solution with Republicans that would have a chance of overcoming a filibuster.

The Hill reports:

“There are some who want this body to quickly vote on sensible gun safety legislation, legislation supported by the vast majority of Americans,” he said. “They want to see this body vote quickly so the American people can know which side each senator is on …. I’m sympathetic to that, and I believe that accountability votes are important.”

But Schumer said he thought that bringing gun-control legislation in the immediate aftermath of Buffalo and Uvalde, where two lone shooters left a total of 31 people dead in the span of 10 days, would be fruitless because of staunch Republican opposition to such reforms.

Schumer’s changing tune followed criticism from more moderate members of his caucus, like Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.), who expressed frustration with his proposals to reporters. (RELATED: Liberal Think Tank Recommends Dealing With ‘Root Causes’ – Not Guns – to Combat ‘Gun Violence’)

Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey adds:

It’s not just Manchin and Sinema that want to take more time to mull over the options. Jon Tester said he’d vote to open debate on a bill to expand background checks, but only if Schumer could reach some sort of compromise that would pass:

Manchin’s not happy with the House bill, though, and might not vote to open debate:

The Texas shooter bought two rifles days before he gunned down 19 children and two teachers, according to multiple reports. Authorities found one discarded in his truck after it crashed outside the school. They retrieved the other next to his deceased body. Both were purchased legally.

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