Ted Cruz Wins Big at Supreme Court

Ted Cruz Wins Big at Supreme Court

The United States delivered a win for Texas Sen. earlier today when it struck down campaign loan repayment limits.

Six of the justices agreed with Cruz, who challenged the law that restricted candidates who loaned large amounts of money to their political campaigns.

Under the current law, candidates who contributed money to their own campaigns could only be repaid up to $250,000.

As NBC reports:

Cruz loaned his re-election campaign $260,000 — intentionally going above the limit in order to trigger a legal challenge — when then-Rep. Beto O’Rourke ran against him in 2018.

Writing for the court’s majority, Chief Justice John Roberts said the limit imposed a risk that candidates wouldn’t be repaid the full amount they loaned if they spent more than $250,000. “That risk in turn may deter some candidates from loaning money to their campaigns when they otherwise would, reducing the amount of political speech.”

At the time, the Cruz campaign against O’Rourke was the most expensive Senate contest in history. When his campaign said it could not repay the senator the full amount, Cruz filed a lawsuit challenging the limitation.

The Justice Department had urged the court to throw the case out because Cruz intentionally triggered a violation of the law. When the case was argued, government lawyer Malcolm Stewart said he couldn’t sue McDonald’s after hearing that it serves very hot coffee and intentionally pouring it in his lap to injure himself.

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