Tucker Carlson Shares Leaked Video of Migrants Transported on Secret Charter Flights

Tucker Carlson Shares Leaked Video of Migrants Transported on Secret Charter Flights

Bodycam footage shared by Fox News’ shows federal contractors helping migrants disembark from a taxpayer-funded charter flight in the middle of the night at a small regional airport. (RELATED: Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake Offers Groundbreaking Solution to Fix Border)

The video shows roughly 100 illegal immigrants, primarily teenagers, deplaning then piling on to buses in Westchester County, New York. You can hear someone on the tape say that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) wants this kept quiet.


The 51-minute video shows Westchester Police Sgt. Michael Hamborsky asking federal agents for any information about the clandestine flight. (Fox News)

The footage was obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request by former Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino. Reports first surfaced of such flights back in October when the New York Post captured video of the scene at the airport in White Plains, New York.

“You’re on a secure facility here; we really don’t know anything and we’re in charge of security” an exasperated Hamborsky said at one point.

Employees of MVM Inc., a private security firm that signed a $136 million contract with the federal government last year to transport migrants around the country, were also onboard the flight, the New York Post reported.

According to the Post, after-hours charter flights originating in Texas began landing in suburban New York around the same time an unprecedented migrant surge overwhelmed U.S. Border Patrol. (RELATED: US Officials Knew Truth About Migrant Surge That Overwhelmed Border Patrol and Did Nothing)

When asked by police why these flights had landed an hour outside of New York City, an unidentified contractor said, “You want to try and be as down low as possible. A lot of this is just down-low stuff that we don’t tell people because what we don’t want to do is attract attention. We don’t want the media. Like we don’t even know where we’re going when they tell us.”

The Post continues:

“The government is betraying the American people,” the contractor told a Westchester County police officer in a conversation that was recorded on the cop’s bodycam on the tarmac of the county airport on Aug. 13, 2021. The men were standing beside a Boeing 737 flown in from Fort Bliss, Texas, by iAero Airways under charter by the federal government.

Perhaps because of the New York Post’s persistent reporting, flights to resettle migrants finally stopped landing at Westchester County Airport last October. (RELATED: ABC News Cuts Obama’s Comments Critical of Open Borders From Interview)

Besides the Post, the Washington Examiner mentioned that several additional outlets reported about frequent flights from the southern border to Pennsylvania last fall.

The Examiner also noted that during the same period, 70 suspicious flights took off from near the U.S.-Mexico border to Jacksonville, Florida. Local and state officials were kept in the dark.

Returning to the footage from Westchester airport, we see that no one appears to know what the other components of this government-funded operation involve.

Eventually, Sgt. Hamborsky speaks to a charter-bus driver patiently waiting next to the tarmac. When confronted by Hamborsky, the driver said he didn’t know where he’d be going.

“They didn’t tell you where it’s going?” Hamborsky asked.

“They never do,” the driver responded.

The buses on standby that night eventually departed for Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey. (Washington Examiner)

Under a Trump-era border policy still in effect, known as Title 42, anyone who illegally crossed the border should not be taken into custody but immediately sent back to Mexico. However, Mexican states have refused to accept back families with young children. Last year, the also declared it would not return children who arrived without a parent.

While many questions remain unanswered, the surreptitious releases of migrants by the administration has prompted outrage today.

So, what do you think? Do you agree that the government is betraying the American people? Share your thoughts with us below!

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