Dan Crenshaw’s Conservative Youth Summit Shows Tremendous Potential

Dan Crenshaw’s Conservative Youth Summit Shows Tremendous Potential

Rep. (R-Texas) has made a lasting impression in Washington, D.C. and far greater than expected since joining the 116th United States Congress two years ago.

The decorated U.S. Navy SEAL-turned-charismatic politician recruited thousands of aspiring conservative activists from across the country for an electrifying conference in Houston—complete with a bevy of right-wing thought leaders from Ben Shapiro to Jordan Peterson.

The Washington Examiner explains how Crenshaw brought more than 2,000 young conservatives together to discuss why political success hinges on the number and effectiveness of activists on both sides and how to make their voices heard.

“You’re here because you think conservatism is a better path forward for America,” Crenshaw, who descended theatrically from the ceiling in a crowd-pleasing reprise of the campaign ad that showed him jumping out of a helicopter. “You’d be right. But I didn’t bring you here to rally on and on about how great we are. This isn’t a rally … I brought you here so that you might have a better understanding of what it means to partake from the rich, conservative, traditions.”

Crenshaw held a Q&A with anti-human trafficking activists Jaco Booyens and Courtney Litvak. In 2020, President Donald Trump appointed Litvak, herself a survivor, to the U.S. Advisory Council on Human Trafficking.

Rubin discussed California’s gubernatorial recall election coming up Tuesday and his journey from far-left to center-right commentary. Kelly answered questions about media bias and offered advice about how to foster a burgeoning journalism career.

Elisha Krauss, Antonia Okafor, Benji Backer, and Morgan Zegers spoke on a panel called “Youth Outreach and Activism,” specifically targeted to their Generation Z audience. Black Rifle Coffee Company founders Mat Best, Jarred Taylor, and Evan Hafer also spoke on entrepreneurship and conservatism.

The event gained traction on social media but went underreported by the mainstream media.