Biden Moms Tell CNN Why They Voted Republican

Biden Moms Tell CNN Why They Voted Republican

Over the weekend, ’s Pamela Brown sat down with a group of suburban moms to learn what drove the swing by white women to the GOP in 2021.

All of the women Brown spoke to voted for President Biden 12 months before casting their ballot for .


Exit polls from Virginia in 2020 show that Biden narrowly beat Donald Trump with white women. In 2021, Youngkin won that same group by 14-points.

The Daily Wire has the interview highlights:

KAY GREENWELL: “Well, parents were very angry during school closures at the teachers’ unions. And for me the nail in the coffin was on [McAuliffe’s] last day of campaigning. He brought the head of the teachers’ union to his rally and she spoke and it was like someone just poked me right in the eye and said, you think you want to have a say in your education, well, you’re not going to.”

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SHAWNNA YASHAR: “We think our kids are in crisis. The learning loss is real. So we’re in a situation where our kids are really far behind and they need a lot of help. They need a lot of additional tutoring. They need a lot of additional time after school to help catch them up and they’re still not focusing on that. It’s like a situation where you’re in front of your house and the driveway is really dirty, but the house is also on fire and you’re using the hose to hose off the driveway instead of putting out the fire on the house.”

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DANA JACKSON: “I felt like it was really tone-deaf to just discount parents and the whole educational struggle and to make it about Trump all of the time. I mean, there’s a place for that but [McAuliffe] never really talked about what he was going to do to improve things. He just talked about how bad everyone else was and that was a real turnoff, especially, leaving our kids in the dust.”

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Currently, white women make up roughly one-third of the electorate in Virginia.

What do you think of the interview? In particular, what do you make of the woman who said that if Trump had shown up to support Youngkin she would’ve voted for McAuliffe. Has Trump become a bigger liability than asset in swing states/districts? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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