Dan Bongino Clarifies Stance Against Radio Giant’s Vaccine Mandate

Dan Bongino Clarifies Stance Against Radio Giant’s Vaccine Mandate

Talk radio host has clarified his stance on Cumulus Media’s vaccine mandate for its employees.

On Monday, Bongino threatened to quit his talk show. One day later, he added that his stance comes on behalf of Cumulus employees, citing the right to personal sovereignty.

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As the Washington Examiner reports:

“My decision has no impact on my stance,” he said. “I’m not even subject to the mandate because I’m already vaccinated. I’m doing it for other people who don’t have the oomph, the leverage, or the ability.”

Bongino criticized critics of his stance as members of the “conspiracy-theorist Left and grotesque-grifter Right” and accused them of having no principles. He dismissed the two myths he said they were propagating about him wanting to leave his contract with Cumulus as “hilarious,” the first being that his ratings were bad and, second, that his contract is up.

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“Once people started to get let go and moved around, I felt that it was my responsibility at Cumulus to stand against it,” Bongino said. “Talking is one thing, but we got to do.”

Cumulus Media did not immediately respond to the Washington Examiner’s request for comment.

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