Fox News Faces Schism Over Tucker Carlson Controversy

Fox News Faces Schism Over Tucker Carlson Controversy

contributors Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes have resigned over ’s documentary on the United States Capitol attack.

The conservative journalists and authors have worked for Fox since 2009.

Carlson’s documentary, “Patriot Purge,” baselessly calls the Capitol Building attack a false flag operation intended to entrap Trump supporters. Fox’s news side hasn’t found any evidence to support that claim.

As Mediaite reports:

According to a report by New York Times media columnist Ben Smith, the two men discussed quitting Fox soon after the trailer for Carlson’s special was first posted online on Oct. 27, with Goldberg texting Hayes “I’m tempted just to quit Fox over this.”

“I’m game,” replied Hayes. “Totally outrageous. It will lead to violence. Not sure how we can stay.”

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Hayes expressed his concern about the widely viewed Fox News (Carlson in particular is a longstanding ratings juggernaut) promoting the threat of  “a domestic war on terror and it’s coming for half of the country.”

“That’s not true,” said Hayes, calling out Carlson’s series for amplifying this kind of conspiracy theory because of the risk that some viewers would believe it as the literal truth, making it “truly dangerous in a way that the usual hyperbole that you get on a lot of cable news isn’t.”

When contacted by Smith, Carlson didn’t respond to Goldberg and Hayes’ accusations. He did call their resignations “great news.”

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