Fox News Host Snaps at Longtime Trump Advisor for Speaking Fondly of Biden Aide

Fox News Host Snaps at Longtime Trump Advisor for Speaking Fondly of Biden Aide

has had it with bipartisan displays of affection. Case in point? Her reaction to Fox Business host and Trump administration economic advisor ’s praise for one of President Biden’s aides.

Kudlow began his appearance on Ingraham’s show with a rebuttal to White House economic advisor who went on CNN and ignored the fact that inflation has taken away all the wage gains for workers.

Unfortunately, for Larry, he caught Ingraham’s ire by beginning his remarks by saying, “I want to say, Jared Bernstein is an old friend of mine and personally, he’s really good. He’s a lovely man—”

At that point, Ingraham could no longer hide her disdain.


The Daily Caller’s Nicole Silverio reports:

“I’m sure he saves kittens from trees, Larry,” Ingraham interjected. “But this is the country going down the tubes. I’ve got to say, I love you and you’re one of my favorite people. Everyone’s friends with everyone in Washington and New York, we all love each other, that’s great. Our country is falling apart and these people are lying about it. I don’t think we can mince words at this point. They’re lying to the American people.”

“I’m sorry to jump on you but I’m fed up with this,” she continued.

Kudlow said he disagreed with Bernstein’s assessment given that incomes are in fact falling.

Bernstein attempted to spin inflation numbers during a February interview with CNN’s Kate Bolduan by ignoring her questions on the underlying trends of inflation.

Besides inflation being at its highest point in 40 years, rent is at a two-decade high and the cost of household furniture and supplies is rising faster than ever.

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