Joe Rogan Embroiled in New Controversy Hours After Neil Young Loses Fight

Joe Rogan Embroiled in New Controversy Hours After Neil Young Loses Fight

Hours after ’s ultimatum to cancel failed, the world’s most popular podcaster found himself in “trouble” again. (RELATED: Neil Young Threatens to Leave Spotify if They Don’t Cancel Joe Rogan)

This time Rogan is targeted by liberal intellectuals. Their criticisms and the hashtag #DeleteSpotify spread like wildfire in leftist circles after Rogan’s interview with Canadian psychologist .

The New York Post has more on Rogan and Peterson’s wide-ranging conversation:

The former University of Toronto psychology professor also used his time on Rogan’s popular platform to oppose Canadian federal Bill C-16, which amended the country’s human rights protections to cover trans and nonbinary citizens. Instead, the former academic made the unsubstantiated claim that opening the boundaries of “sex categories” would “fatally confuse thousands of young girls.”

Rogan then referred back to his conversation with British columnist Douglas Murray of the Spectator in September, in which the writer said that trans issues “will be seen to be a late-empire, a bad sign of things falling apart.”

“He had an amazing point about civilizations collapsing, and that when they start collapsing, they become obsessed with gender. And he was saying that you could trace it back to the ancient Romans, the Greeks,” said Rogan.

The Clinton-linked group Media Matters was quick to bash Rogan for “harmful anti-trans rhetoric.” (RELATED: Joe Rogan Responds to Twitter Purge in True Libertarian Fashion)

As were others, as CNN noted when interviewing Penn State’s Earth System Science Center’s Michael E. Mann:

Mann said that Peterson’s claims were “nonsensical and false,” and seems to boil down to the idea that climate science is so complicated that scientists could never model it or understand it.”Such an absurd argument leads to a dismissal of physics, chemistry, biology, and every other field of science where one formulates (and tests—that’s the critical part Peterson seems to fail to understand) conceptual models that attempt to simplify the system and distill the key components and their interactions,” Mann said.

Mann added that Rogan and Peterson’s views are responsible for “and will continue to lead to fatalities.” (RELATED: Mass Formation Psychosis Leads to Further Attacks on Dr. Robert Malone)