Newsmax Host Urges Fox News Star to Stop Letting Russia Use Him

Newsmax Host Urges Fox News Star to Stop Letting Russia Use Him

Newsmax host delivered an impassioned monologue hoping to convince to change course.

For the second time in recent weeks, Bolling pleaded with Carlson for, in his view, giving fodder to Russian propagandists during the war in .

Bolling made an emotional case to fellow conservatives, saying they can be concerned about domestic issues and recognize the Russian government is waging a war of tyranny and oppression against its Ukrainian neighbors.

While saying that he’s anti-war, Bolling stressed that the documented atrocities in Ukraine deserve unequivocal condemnation — and that Carlson hasn’t done enough.

“Blatant and horrifying war crimes committed by Russians against Ukrainian civilians have made it very clear that, yes, this war is, in fact, more black and white now than ever,” Bolling warned. He then ominously added, “If we say anything otherwise then we are on the wrong side of history.”

Bolling then showed snippets from Russian state television celebrating Carlson’s statements about the war.

Mediaite further reports on Bolling’s remarks:

“Yes, Tucker, as you say, Putin did not invade our own border, but Putin did invade a sovereign state, spouting his historical lies,” Bolling said, before he asked, Why can’t we secure our own borders, but also support Ukraine?”

Bolling said Carlson is capable of making points about securing America’s sovereignty without “seemingly siding with and a madman.” He also said that a notion Carlson supports Putin is harming the combined efforts of conservative media to hold American elected officials accountable.

“Last night, Tucker, you said, our leaders always go too far, and I agree,” he said to wrap up the monologue. “But now I fear you’ve gone too far too.”

Bolling ended the monologue by asking Carlson to stand with him on the right side of history.

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