Top Republican Candidate Tells Fox News She’ll Refuse to Take Orders From Biden

Top Republican Candidate Tells Fox News She’ll Refuse to Take Orders From Biden

In case you missed it: gubernatorial candidate told ’s that, if elected, she wouldn’t take orders from President .

Lake called Biden an “illegitmate president” in a fiery appearance, adding that “Arizona is going to do things the Arizona way.”

Lake vowed to order a forensic audit of Arizona’s 2020 presidential election results. She didn’t mention the 2021 Trump-friendly review of election results in Arizona’s most populous country, which confirmed Biden’s victory in the Grand Canyon State.


Mediaite further reports:

Bartiromo offered no pushback, although — in fairness — the program was up against a hard out, as the show’s closing music was playing in the background.

“We have a priority with our elections,” Lake said. “When I get elected, we’re going to go through that forensic audit, we’re going to fix every problem we have with our elections down here and make sure they are secure and honest for our future generations in every election going forward.”

Her position on the 2020 election has helped Lake earn the endorsement of former President Trump on two different occasions.

“He endorsed me early, back in September,” Lake said. “And then just last week, a bonus surprise, he re-endorsed me. I am a big supporter of President Trump, obviously.”

Before entering the rough and tumble world of politics, Lake was an anchor at Fox 10 Phoenix.

Arizona’s 2022 primary elections will take place on Aug. 2. The most recent poll in the Republican primary for governor shows Lake leading her closest competitor by 11 points.

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