Tucker Carlson Asks ‘Essential Questions’ After School Massacre

Tucker Carlson Asks ‘Essential Questions’ After School Massacre

used his monologue Thursday night to raise “essential questions” about the unimaginable school shooting in .

Carlson’s methodical presentation follows multiple days of heated rhetoric from demagoguing politicians and increasing questions about local law enforcement’s response. (RELATED: Why Did Police Take So Long to Storm Texas Elementary School Massacre?)


As the Daily Caller reports:

The gunman, Salvador Ramos, reportedly barricaded himself inside the building for 30-60 minutes before law enforcement entered the fourth-grade classroom. The Texas Department of Security regional director Victor Escalon said at a Thursday press conference that Ramos fired shots outside the school for 12 minutes before entering the building.

Carlson suggested during Thursday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that government officials “ignored the facts” and “lied” to the American people on what occurred leading up to and during the shooting. He then raised questions as to why it “took so long” for authorities to respond to gunfires outside of the school.

“Why did that take so long? That is a fair question, in fact it’s a critical question. Even at the Parkland school shooting when police staged outside as students were being murdered, police wound up inside the building 11 minutes after the shooter,” Carlson said. “But in this case, it was 16 minutes. Why was that? We have a right to know. But today, police wouldn’t say.”

Police tackled, pepper sprayed and handcuffed parents attempting to enter the building to rescue their children, including Angeli Rose Gomez, who eventually made her way into the school and retrieved her two kids.

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