Biden Faces Lowest Approval Ratings Yet on Key Issues

Biden Faces Lowest Approval Ratings Yet on Key Issues

President Biden’s approval ratings have sunk even lower, according to the latest ABC News/Ipsos poll.

The poll shows that public opinion toward the president has soured across the board. While a majority (53%) still approve of Biden’s response to , his approval rating on his handling of the pandemic—long seen as his strongest issue—has plummeted 19 points since March.

Worse still, Biden’s approval ratings on gun violence and have tanked to the lowest levels of his presidency so far. Yet Biden’s lowest marks come from his handling of , with only 28% of Americans approving of the job he’s doing. (RELATED: Here’s Exactly How Biden Inflation is Robbing You)

Inflation/Paying Everyday Bills Are the Top Concern

ABC News reports:

The ABC/Ipsos poll, which was conducted by Ipsos in partnership with ABC News using Ipsos’ KnowledgePanel, reveals these rocky ratings for Biden at a time when the bulk of Americans name inflation and paying everyday bills as a top concern. Concern about inflation has eclipsed worry about the coronavirus pandemic, according to recent polls from Monmouth and AP-NORC, as Republicans continuously spotlight rising prices at the gas pump and the grocery store as a key issue for the upcoming midterm elections — likely to be a referendum on Biden’s performance.

These low job assessments in areas of high public concern have led to a new low in Biden’s overall approval rating, measured by FiveThirtyEight at 43%.

Can He Bounce Back? Most Are Skeptical…

Biden has stood by his politically controversial decision to require vaccinations for federal employees and all contractors, a move affecting millions of workers in the public and private sectors. The decision, challenged by state GOP lawmakers, was recently blocked by a U.S. District Court. That said, a bare majority of Americans (51%) are on Biden’s side regarding vaccine mandates, and 7 in 10 Americans believe that mask mandates should remain the same or be more strict.

Biden’s recent two-hour video call with Russian President Vladimir Putin did not appear to have impressed the American public. This poll finds that most Americans (55%) disapprove of how Biden is handling relations with . Further, only 38% of Americans trust Biden to negotiate on America’s behalf with Putin, which is down from 49% in an ABC News/Ipsos poll in June.

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So what do you think? What issue is most responsible for Biden’s horrible approval rating? Tell us in the comments below and, while you’re at it, spread the word!

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